About Us

boy at schoolWe believe in an early childhood educational program that promotes and prioritizes the optimal growth of the whole child through an age-appropriate learning curriculum that considers their physical, social-emotional, and cognitive development while still concentrating on the uniqueness of each child.

We value and respect everyone’s diversity, so it is our goal to provide our children with a safe, loving and inclusive environment in which everyone feels welcome. Creating a safe and loving atmosphere allows children to fully trust, and therefore, build positive relationships with their peers and teachers, which we truly believe to be a key element for a successful preschool experience.

Parents and guardians can expect our educators to adhere to the following goals and objectives:

  • To provide a safe and loving classroom environment.
  • To be inclusive.
  • To value and celebrate our differences.
  • To allow children to express themselves during unstructured activities.
  • To encourage children to explore new skills and abilities through guided learning times.
  • To develop and implement a weekly lesson plan that allows children to grow in all areas of development.
  • To teach and model socially accepted skills and behavior, such as self-awareness, problem solving, sharing, empathy, and respect.
  • To value and foster curiosity and the need for knowledge.

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La Mesa Center Icon 6271 Jackson Drive
San Diego, CA 92119
Phone: 619-464-0305


Spring Valley Center Icon 8735 Jamacha Blvd.
Spring Valley, CA 91977
Phone: 619-479-7577


Icon Fax for both schools : 619-464-0304
Email: growsmart2013@hotmail.com